Get off the internet!

I’m long overdue for a social media break. I need to recharge and get out of my head. I mean, I’ll totally still be tra-la-la-la-ing in my daydreamy Piscean ways, but I’m hoping to get back to having a little more control over it. When I get in a rut of spending too much time on the internet, I inadvertently train my brain for consuming the internet constantly and I start becoming ineffective at my real life shit and my dog gets less attention than she deserves.

So, I am hoping to disconnect a little and practice some mindfulness. I want to get back into my daily walk routine with Rory, rain or shine. I want to draw daily, knit more often, and stop losing an hour to spacing out thinking about shit in ineffective ways. I need to stop letting the dishes pile up for a week and learn how to cook again.

The internet doesn’t really help with my depression. Sure, it connects me to folks I otherwise wouldn’t have any contact with, but it also fills me with anxiety and dread and pulls me in 800 directions that I don’t have energy for right now. I do better when I have a good balance between being grounded on the earth and floating with my head in the clouds.

I’ve always had a weird relationship with the internet. I used to get a lot of shit from my friends in my early teenage years because I would periodically delete all of my LiveJournal posts. I do the same with Twitter and Facebook now. I suspect, someday I’ll purge the posts from this blog as well.

The internet is really fucking cool, and some of my favorite people in my life came from the internet. But it’s also true that the internet really fucks with my head and sucks me out of real life sometimes. Maybe I’ll try to blog more instead of regulate my emotions by word vomiting on Facebook. Maybe I’ll just knit 25 hats and stay off the internet. Whatever the case, I am putting forth an effort to break ineffective habits, damnit!

So, I will leave you with my anthem while I recharge. See you in the streets (well, not really, because nobody who reads this is actually in my town, lol)!