Blog fog

OH HAI DO I HAVE A BLOG? Oh right, this thing I was sort of/kind of trying to do once a month has been a tad neglected for the last… 3 months. Let’s pretend I was just out living too much life to write things on a computer?

Alright, so my mom’s house almost got hit by a tornado back in March and my anxiety spiraled out for a bit and then I got real tired for some reason. Weird.

I also decided to take a break from trying to run a business and stopped taking orders for a bit before visiting family and seeing that tornado damage IRL. Commodifying my hobbies and being anti-capitalist confuses the fuck out of my brain and I just wanted to art for fun and fun only for a while.

BUT, I am a few weeks beyond the vacation date I had set for myself and I haven’t really been doing ANY hobbies since I got back from Georgia, aside from reading. Reading is good though, and the nice thing about being your own boss for a side hustle project is… nothing really matters, I reckon?

I’m about to make some custom tattoos for another couple getting hitched, so I’m expecting that to motivate me back into the swing of things. I was looking into getting some vegetable based inks a few weeks back because I was not feeling super great about using regular smegular printer ink for tattoos applied to skin, so I think I am going to try it this time around. If I am satisfied, I’ll put my listing back up on Etsy (currently it’s only here on my own site because I was getting some wackadoodle requests that hurt my brain pricing-wise).

I was having a laugh at myself earlier because I am not a huge fan of the whole concept of marriage, but this whole Northwest Nina thing started by making custom temporary tattoos for my friends as they got married. I am a walking contradiction and that is okay.

I am also a blog flake. I got the blog smog. Blog fog?