Hah, ok, so I never got back into the swing of things after my time off with family in June. I’m a very nice boss to myself, so I haven’t been yelled at yet. I did manage to pop out some temporary tattoos to make a friend’s inside joke a [temporary] reality. The joke was these 3 pals should get tattoos of each other as lions because they are all astrologically Leos.


So I am not, like, totally done with this Northwest Nina thing. I am just not forcing anything. To be quite honest, it was most a thing born out of boredom and a shit-ton of alone time that needed to be filled. I’ve been putting in an effort to get out into the world socially a bit more the last few months, so that is a huge factor in my diminishing online presence.

I’ll still be creating and fulfilling requests from friends; I am just not getting any deadlines or timelines from the boss lady any time soon.