My dad, Douglas Edwin Smith, created the video game, Lode Runner. He died in September 2014, and I have periodically run little Twitter campaigns to get folks to vote his game in the Video Game Hall of Fame. I took the last two years off, because I got discouraged, but I decided I am going to keep trying. Lode Runner deserves it and I love keeping my dad’s legacy alive and talking to his fans on the internet - I mean, I get it, I am like his number 1 fan (tied with my little brother, of course). I thought it might be neat to dedicate part of my website to the cause, and maybe start curating some of the Lode Runner information floating out there on the internets.



Seattle Times [1984]

Seattle Times [1984]

Seattle Times - January, 28th, 1984. I am going to assume my dad approves of this telling of the development of Lode Runner, because he searched the Seattle Times archives for it and sent it to me several years ago. pdf file

IGN - Lock’n’Lode - 1999: https://www.ign.com/articles/1999/02/18/locknlode - this came out when the N64 version was about to be released, and my dad had returned to having a role in Lode Runner game development.

Retro Gamer - January 2013: pdf file


Tozai’s Timeline: http://www.tozaigames.com/loderunner/history

More Tozai info: https://www.polygon.com/features/2019/2/4/18201436/tozai-games-history-r-type-lode-runner-spelunker

US Gamer: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/tokyo-diaries-with-lode-runner-creator-doug-smiths-passing-the-world-has-lost-a-gaming-pioneer

Life and Times of Video Games podcast: https://www.patreon.com/posts/ep-14-lode-26477410 or https://lifeandtimes.games/14

Other Stuff

My dad helped lead the development of Secret of Evermore at Squaresoft in Redmond, WA. There’s an easter egg in the game - Doughead Software, made in his likeness (a play on Egghead Software).