For whom?

I offer free services to Black women, non-binary, and trans folks. Yes, that means all Black folks except cis-men. Yes, that means trans-masculine folks are welcome as well.

What do I offer?

I have been drawing, doing graphic design, and building websites since the mid 1990s. I am not a “professional” (these are just my hobbies when I am not at work), but I am extremely flexible, have a lot of free time, and love helping people make their ideas a reality.



I recently started doing digital portraits for incarcerated Black trans women, to help with online advocacy. You can find examples of my portrait style in the illustration section of my portfolio.



I have experience setting up websites on Squarespace, Wordpress, and Wix. I am happy to show you how to maintain the site on your own, and/or be your as-needed on-call help. Check out for an example of a Wordpress site that I helped set up, and the owner maintains.



Need an image for social media events? A flyer you can print out? A business card designed? A logo for your BLM chapter? Check out the graphic design section of my portfolio for more examples.


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Why do I do this?

I was first introduced to the concept of offering these services as a sort of form of “creative reparations.” I now think it’s not quite accurate to offer free shit and call it reparations, so I now frame it more as harm reduction and a sharing of resources. This is one of the ways I am trying to disrupt white supremacy.